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2019 Online Parade Registration Form

Dear Potential Warrenton Christmas Parade Participant,

The 32nd annual Warrenton Christmas parade will take place on Friday, Decemberth at 6 p.m. in Warrenton, Virginia. The parade will depart from the intersection of 6th Street and Main Street then continue west to Ashby Street. This beloved Warrenton tradition attracts more than 2,500 spectators each year.

Again this year the parade will be at night allowing participants to decorate their floats with Christmas lights to illuminate Main Street Warrenton as the parade passes by excited children of all ages. The parade will join two great holiday celebrations, Warrenton’s annual parade and Gum Drop Square’s opening, sponsored by the Partnership for Warrenton. Join Santa Claus after he glides down Main Street in his one horse open sleigh and lights the Christmas tree. He will then open Gum Drop Square at the John Barton Payne Building at the conclusion of the parade.

For many Fauquier residents these annual holiday events kick off the Christmas season. Please visit our website for regular updates and additional information.

All registration materials are completed this year online and by submitting you agree to include the liability waiver/indemnity agreement and rules of participation.

Registration Requirements and General Information

Registration Deadline: The registration deadline is November 1, 2019
. (unless filled prior)

Registration Form
: To help us coordinate parade line-up order, please complete the registration form carefully before mailing. The information you supply will better help us to plan and facilitate the flow of the parade. Click Here for Registration Form.

Entry Fee: There will be a participant fee of $50 for all businesses that wish to enter the parade line-up. The money should be mailed after you submit your participant application. This fee doesn’t apply to non-profit groups or businesses that are sponsors of the parade.

Parade Route: The Christmas parade is one of the largest parades in Warrenton so we do have an EXTENDED route this year! The parade will step off at 6:00 p.m. at Sixth Street and Main Street then proceed west down Main through Courthouse Square onto Waterloo Road to Ashby Street. Participants will be directed by law enforcement to turn left onto Pelham Street and disperse. We are encouraging spectators to stand/sit along the entire parade route so please help spread the word!

Line Up
: You will receive your line-up position by mid-November. Line-up spots will be staggered, down Main Street from Sixth Street back down Falmouth Street to East Lee Street. Line-up will start at 4:45 p.m. and all entries need to be in place by 5:45 or risk elimination. All floats shall enter the line-up from East Lee Street and Falmouth Street using extreme caution.

Each entry will be provided a number for the line-up area. This number will correlate to a reserved spot in the staging area set aside for your group to gather and prepare for the parade. Your number will also dictate your order in the parade. Parade information packet will be e-mailed in mid-November.

Check-In Area
: There will be a check in table at the intersection of Fifth Street and Main Street. You will need to have ONE representative of your group check in here to ensure that your group paperwork is in order and accurate.

Inclement Weather Policy
: In the event the decision is made to cancel the parade due to unfavorable weather conditions, the parade will NOT be rescheduled. Please check our website at if there is inclement weather for more information.

Participant Drop Off
: The line up area will be VERY crowded the evening of the parade. We cannot have vehicles, other than those entered in the parade, in the line-up area. Please coordinate a meeting point with your participants. The point should be near to the line-up area, but away from the congestion where your group can assemble and move on to the line up together.

Floats and Other Large Vehicles Registered in the Parade
: Only registered parade floats/vehicles may enter off Meetze Road and turn right onto Falmouth Street to get to your line-up position. NO OTHER personal vehicles will be allowed. A map of the line up area will be provided to each entry. Each entry will be assigned a number that will correspond to a spot specifically set aside for your group. Please ensure your float is against the curb in the line up area to keep the center open.

Participant Pick Up after Parade
: The parade will turn left onto Pelham Street, which marks the end of the parade. (Do NOT stop at Ashby Street–keep going and entertaining the spectators!) Entries should continue to the end of Pelham Street and disperse. All floats shall proceed off Pelham Street after passengers disembark. Be sure to inform your participants of the pick-up location and follow the direction of law enforcement officers and parade volunteers.

Entertaining During the Parade
: It is VERY important to keep the parade flowing! Do NOT stop in front of the Grand Stand to perform or anywhere on the route as it will delay the arrival of Santa Claus. Instead, your group should perform ALL along the parade route for the spectator’s enjoyment!

Animal Entries
: For entries with animals, you must provide a clean-up crew for animal waste. Waste must be removed as you move along the parade route. The pedestrians following will appreciate your efforts! NOTE: Any entry at line-up that does not bring equipment for this purpose will be excused from the parade.

Entrant Awards:
This year a trophy along with bragging rights will be awarded for the three categories listed below.

*.* The Clarke Griswold Award (most illuminated entry) *.*

*.* Most Original Holiday Entry *.*
*.* Judges Choice Award *.*

Santa and Mrs. Claus
Remember, there is only one Mr & Mrs Claus in the parade.
Please do not include one in your entry.

2019 Online Parade Registration Form